Computer Assisted Teaching & Learning

Carsten Lange

Instructor Apps

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Video Tracking System

Maximilian Lange

Video Tracking System allows instructors to track if and how long their students watched a specific video, which are hosted on a platform such as YouTube.

Type of Simulation: Needs to be installed on PHP server

Video Tracking System (cont.)

Instructors will link to each of their videos with a specific link to the Video Tracking System that contains the actual link to the video as a parameter. These links can be easily generated in the Video Tracking System by the instructor.
After students click on the link, they will have to enter only their username, but no password (!). After they are done watching the video, they click Done and their data are stored in a log file for the instructor to download.

Course Overall Grade Calculator

Carsten Lange

The Overall Grade Calculator helps instructors to avoid unnecessary administrative work by allowing students to enter their current grades and estimated future grades. The instructor can easily adjust the app to the his/her course.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in brower

Course Overall Grade Calculator (cont.)

Instructors can add an individualized link on their website. To generate the link with a few clicks instructors can use a web form. It takes less than 3 minutes.

Competition and Duopoly Game

Carsten Lange

The classroom game introduces pricing in a competitive vs. a duopoly setting. While students are submitting their moves from their own computer phone or tablet, the instructor can simultaneously display the results step by step in the classroom.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in brower

Competition and Duopoly Game (cont.)

Although the game is based on a transportation network, the game introduces first competitive prices and after a rule change the pricing in a duopoly market. Instructional plan: click here to watch video Rules of the game: click here to watch video