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Carsten Lange

International Trade Apps

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Linear Production Possibility Curve

Carsten Lange

The app is a introduction to the Production Possibility Curve

Type of Simulation: Download and ready to run in Windows

Linear Production Possibility Curve (cont.)

The app allows instructors and students to change the production of two goods along a linear production possibility curve. The simulation shows a diagram as well as original and changed production levels. The simulation does not allow to simulate imports/exports. Goto for Ricardo and the Heckscher-Ohlin model apps.

Ricardo Model

Carsten Lange

This simulation of the Ricardo Model allows the user in a 2-goods diagram to choose between Autarky and Trade modes. Indifference curves indicate the welfare depending on the production and trade combination chosen. Can be used to teach the topic but also for learning.

Type of Simulation: Download and ready to run in Windows

Ricardo Model (cont.)

Autarky: the user changes the production point to optimize production. Trade: the user chooses both production along the production possibility curve and consumption along the trade line. Indifference curves compare the welfare before and after optimization

Heckscher/Ohlin Model

Carsten Lange

Interactive Heckscher-Ohlin with indifference curves, production possibility curve, and trade line.
Well suited for teaching but also for learning and review.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in browser

Heckscher/Ohlin Model (cont.)

The user can choose different production and consumption points for two goods (cheese and wine) to optimize utility. Imports, export, and utility are calcualted accordingly. (Technical note: in case the table overlaps with the diagram use the zoom function of your browser or choose a differenr screen resolution to correct)