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Carsten Lange

Macroeconomics Apps

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IS Model

Carsten Lange

This application simulates the goods market of a closed economy with autonomous taxes.

Instructors can use it to teach the model and students can explore how the model reacts to parameter changes.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in browser

IS Model (cont.)

The user can change the parameters of the consumption function,investment function, autonomous taxes and government expenditures. After an exogenous shock has moved the IS-Curve, the user can increase income to model the multiplier of the goods market.

The app also introduces the adjustment (multiplier) process in a pseudo-dynamic way.

Money Creation

Carsten Lange

The simulation provides an accounting framework that can be used to simulate various scenarios of money creation (introduced with videos). The user can select certain actions and can see how the accounts change and money is created.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in browser

Money Creation (cont.)

Scenarios are Only one bank and does not consider currency holdings A multi bank system and the transfer of base money between banks Non-bank transfers between banks Considers cash withdrawals of non-banks